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From ancient times
Many pictures from the years 20 and specially 30 of the 20th century, most taken in Holland
for the years of Ies and Lien Cassuto in Indonesia view those 'Indian' pages
Here we may trace the beginning of the Ies and Lien Cassuto family:

a rare photograph, I don'know how it came in my possesion! It is a picture of the participants in the seventh (or eighth?) Zionist congress in The Hague, 1907.

The decision to hold the Congress in the Hague was based on the knowledge that the Second International Peace Conference was to be held in that city. At the Congress the major debate concerned the conflicting approaches of the practical and political Zionists
. The political Zionists demanded that a charter be secured before practical work began in Palestine, while the practical Zionists argued that without substantial settlement there was little hope of gaining legal sanction from one or more of the Great Powers. In the event, the movement supported a number of practical efforts and established a Palestine branch of the WZO to be headed by Arthur Ruppin.
However, the adoption of synthetic Zionism —a synthesis of the two positions—became the clarion call of not a few delegates, their major spokesperson being Chaim Weizmann .

Two of the participants met each other there - is my hypothesis - and married soon afterwards, in 1909: Isaac Cassuto and Caroline Winkel. Search fot them - a difficult task - and if you can't find them, you can't miss them here

Elder brother of Ies Cassuto: Ernest and his wife Meta, father to daughters Denise and Em,
picture dated October 1926. Ernest deceased before the war, I suppose around 1934

Em met May Toya links en Denise rechts, daughters to Ernest and Mietje Zon

Denise en Afsar

Lydia Winkel, about 15 or 16 years of age, daughter of Lien's sister Annie, Lydia's brother is Dé

Jaap Winkel (brother to oma Carolien) with wife Esther (tante Es), daughter Hetty and son Andries
(Dee). Jaap deceased in 1936, wife and children were murdered in the war

Ernest and fiancee Hetty Winkel.
A special page has been dedicated to Hetty Winkel and her diary


Three brothers, this pic apparently taken when still in Indonesia, about 1934

Max, Ernest and George in the back yard of the Cassuto house in Utrecht ot already in The Hague, in the Danckert straat. Is it 1936 or 1937?


a unique gathering at (I suppose) in father Albert van Zuidens home at the Valkenboskade 400 in The Hague. I guess the year is 1938, maybe beginning of 1939. Apparently it was a social happening including:
back row from left to right: Herman van Zuiden (son of Alberts brother Bernard), Max Cassuto, Albert van Zuiden, Hetty Winkel fiancee to Ernest Cassuto, who is sitting next to her and then Wies Houthuyzen Kerrebijn; sitting from left to right Puck (Remi) van Zuiden, Mary ('Zus') Houthuyzen Kerrebijn. Wies and Zus were best friends to Puck. The man in the middle is indicated as 'Dad Lioni'.
Big question: had Max already cast an eye on Puck? Or was this guy Dad Lioni then courting Puck?

Here apparently the choice is made, it 's time of the engagement, 1939

"jodenster", "Jewish star"; had to be sewed on cloths by the Jews in German-occuped countries during '40-45. This star I found in the "suitcase of George" and apparently was destined for him